As I think I’ve probably mentioned before, I run a monthly arts and crafts group at the local community centre. We’re called the Crafternooners!

We work at all sorts of crafts from knitting and crochet to jewellery making, patchwork and rug making, glass painting and paper cutting.

The idea of producing things called Twiddlemuffs for hospital patients was drawn to my attention.

Twiddlemuffs provide a wonderful source of visual, tactile and sensory stimulation and at the same time keep hands snug and warm for patients with dementia in the community and in a hospital setting. They are knitted muffs which are decorated inside and out with buttons, bells, pompoms and….. whatever really.

They have proved to be very popular with dementia patients who often have agitated hands and are in need of some gentle reassuring distraction.

Having recently had experience of the devastating effects of dementia I was thrilled that the Crafternooners were so eager to support this venture and have already, in just a few weeks, knitted over twenty Twiddlemuffs for our local hospital of St Mary’s which we’ll be able to deliver next week.

They are easy to knit, quick to make and help to use up all those odd buttons, bits of wool etc that all crafters seem to have hanging around.

It’s terrific that something so easy and straightforward to produce can provide such help and comfort for dementia patients.

There are full details and instructions on the internet, it looks as if all hospitals will eagerly accept them so have a go at making one!



Crafternoon party

Last year I started a craft group in Shanklin. We meet once a month on a Saturday afternoon to ‘do’ crafts. There are usually about fifteen of us and a wide range of crafts on the go. From knitting and crochet to needlepoint and cross stitch, rug making, glass painting, paper cutting and jewellery making.

We’re called The Shanklin Crafternooners (you see what we’ve done there……..crafting in the afternoon- crafternoon….genius!)

We meet at the community centre but in August we decided to do something a little different and have a summer garden party here at The Hazelwood. People would still be able to craft but the afternoon would be more of a social affair and we’d all bring food along to share (though in fact the Crafternoon is usually just a excuses to eat copious amounts of home baked cake anyway)

As it got closer to the day of the party we began to get worried that we might have rotten weather so of course if you can’t have a garden party actually ┬áin the garden the only alternative is to bring the garden inside……so that’s what we did. We moved a lot of the furniture out of our breakfast room and brought our big plant pots in. Infact the weather wasn’t too bad and it was quite a sight to see a group of crafters sat in a big circle in the middle of our lawn with glasses of wine, plates of food, all talking and joking whilst happily knitting and crocheting away!

To make the breakfast room a little more ‘gardeny’ and ‘crafty’ I made a hanging of big dramatic white paper flowers to hang over the fireplace………IMG_20160211_080415_kindlephoto-46072533