I`m an artist living and working in Shanklin on The Isle of Wight where I run a guest house with my partner.

I volunteer at the local community library, run a craft group and am a town councillor.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. My goodness, Karl, what a body of work! I will save this link and whenever I wonder what to do next, i’ll have a look at your site again. Very inspiring. (Fellow Isle of Wighter).


  2. Re your June 2016 blog regarding L. Houghton. I am completing a book on the Golden Age Of Pan Book Cover Art 1950-1965 and among the collection I own I have the one original that Houghton did for them in 1955 for The Drowning Pool. This was valued at £350.00 in 2009 and I have owned it for 26 years. I would think that even without the lettering and book titles that your originals are worth between £200 and £250 each.

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    1. Gosh, well thank you for that information. £200-250 each, we knew they were a good buy. Although we had them framed and on the wall for years I’m afraid they are now in a folio in my studio, but still loved.


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