LGBTQ art exhibition

Over the last few months I’ve been working with some professional artists from the Isle of Wight who identify as standing under the LGBTQ umbrella on an exhibition to coincide with IW Pride. This is the first exhibition of this kind to have been put together on the Island. The artists have been very supportive and generous lending work for the exhibition, much of which has not been shown before and a lot which has been produced especially for this exhibition. Last week I hung the pieces which is not as easy as you might think, it’s not just a case of hammering in some nails and hanging the pictures off them!

The exhibition opened yesterday in the Clayden Gallery at Quay Arts in Newport and will be on display for seven weeks. Later in the week is arriving work from the Emerald Winter Pride Award exhibition which has been on display in London.

I’m going to be hanging this work in the Seminar room at Quay Arts on Thursday and Friday and the official launch of both these exciting exhibitions will be on Friday evening.

Quay Arts have been very supportive of IW Pride allowing us to put on the Island artists exhibition, the Emerald exhibition, show displays of work in the bar, cafe as well as an LGBTQ play in the theatre, perhaps the Isle of Wight isn’t stuck in the 70’s as some cynical people claim!

As well as the two LGBTQ exhibitions there’s also an exhibition called Bloom which will run for a couple of weeks. I’ve actually got work in all three! (talk about blowing my own trumpet!)



5 thoughts on “LGBTQ art exhibition

  1. I shall certainly visit and I’ll pass the word along. If there are leaflets available for window display I’ll pick one up when I’m at Quay Arts, Good luck with everything you’re doing.

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    1. Thank you, the work on display is interesting though there are a few ‘naughty’ bits so be warned😀. Quay Arts is a nice place to visit, it’s always good to be able to sit out by the water with a cup of coffee and watch the world go by!


  2. I’m coming down in a couple of weeks. On my own, we can’t get the same time off work until August.
    Rather than stay at home alone I thought I would grace the island with my presence.🤣🤣.
    I will certainly be coming along to have a look. I love art galleries, I know next to nothing about art, but I know what I like.
    I’m really looking forward to it.


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