Studio light!

The sun was shining into the studio today , and it was good!

WP_20180205_09_17_10_ProIMG_20180205_100049_293WP_20180205_09_16_35_Pro (2)WP_20180205_09_13_52_Pro (2)IMG_20180205_095704_836WP_20180205_09_15_26_Pro (2)WP_20180205_09_13_21_ProIMG_20180205_095817_887WP_20180205_09_16_40_Pro (2)WP_20180205_09_16_25_Pro (2)WP_20180205_09_15_39_Pro (2)

5 thoughts on “Studio light!

  1. Thanks Kay, I’m always interested in hearing how people see the pieces. This piece was for an exhibition where all the exhibits were related to winter. I intended my piece to reflect a vast icy landscape with mountains snow covered trees and slow moving stretches of water thick with ice. It sounds as if I hit the mark with this one.


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