An evening at Ventnor Botanical Gardens

Yesterday evening I was very lucky to have an after hours guided walk around the wonderful Ventnor Botanical Gardens. It was the perfect weather to enjoy the magnificent planting and made very  special by being shown around by a passionate gardener eager to point out the rare and unusual blooms. There have been a number of changes since I was last there, the main one being that it’s no longer run by the IOW Council. The gardens are managed by only a few full-time staff with the help of volunteers and they are achieving amazing things. The micro climate at Ventnor means that plants grow here that don’t elsewhere in the British Isles.


5 thoughts on “An evening at Ventnor Botanical Gardens

  1. We really like the Botanical Gardens. The cost may put off some people though. I’m quite jealous that you had a guided tour, I would have liked to hear about the plants (and if I could grow them). The last time we were there I wasn’t allowed to bring back any plants. But next time I go ……..


    1. It is quite expensive but unfortunately you have to pay for everything these days. The tour was excellent, we got a lot of information. Some of the plants look a bit scruffy and it was explained that because it’s a botanical garden the plants are allowed to grow as they would in the wild not all tidied up as they might be in someone’s garden. They have some lovely plants for sale, I’ll have to go back and get a few when they’re open😀


      1. We’re coming at the end of May, will have to pop along and see what they have. As for the cost. We went to Sissinghurst Castle last year, there’s only one room you can go in and the gardens are nice but it was hellishly expensive and not so good as VBG. Lovely colours, the gardens were all the same just different colours. Besides, going to VBG can lead to a stroll to Steep Hill Cove and that can’t be a bad thing.x

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