The secret garden in February

It’s been a beautiful day here on the Island, warm, sunny and dry. I’ve not really been able to get into the secret garden for a few weeks so today was a bit of a treat. I’ve started to cut down some of saplings and prune some very wild branches. Clearing the brambles is well underway and I’m managing to to dig up some of the roots, though that’s not so easy to do. Although I’ve got some plants waiting in the wings ready to plant it’s going to be a while until I’ve got all the ivy and bramble roots cleared and the ground suitable for planting again.

I’m going to need to find some plants to hide the fence, I’ve put a call out for some bamboo so hopefully before long it’ll be hidden.

4 thoughts on “The secret garden in February

  1. This was a real find. You must be thrilled to have an extra garden. I would love it. Especially the trips round garden centres. But have to say I have had some really lovely plants from supermarkets and B&Q. I have 2 camellias that cost £1.49 each that I picked up from the “sick bay” in B&Q. Shrubs from Aldis and Lidls are good value as are those from pound land. The most expensive plant I have is a magnolia that I paid £25 for, I thought long and hard before buying it from a local nursery. Don’t forget the seeds. I’m quite excited, you’d think it was my garden.

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    1. Hi Kay. I’m really thrilled to find the extra bit of garden. It’s a little higher than the rest of the garden so there are some lovely views and is more sheltered and a bit of a sun trap. You’re absolutely right about the plants from supermarkets and Poundland, I guess these days they have to be every bit as good as the ones from a nursery. I’ve actually got some from Poundland growing away on the windowsill at the moment. I’ve some Alchemilla seeds I got from the internet growing there as well. I would like it to be more of a Mediterranean garden and have a load of seeds from RP seeds, there Palm tree collection. I’m not sure how much success I’ll have with these but am giving them a go.
      Lidl often have very good plants, we got some for the Hazelwood from there and they were very successful. A lot of the Hazelwood plants we grew from seeds from Ventnor Botanical Gardens, the idea being that if they were successful there then we should be OK so we’ll go along that route again.
      There is quite a bit of digging to do and I’m still fighting the brambles so if you want to help out…………….


  2. Karl if I was closer I would gladly be your undergardener. I also make the tea and have great ideas. But I do love gardening. I bought some summer bulbs in Aldi today the extortionate price of 99p for 50. They’ll be lovely.

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