It’s Christmas!!!

Well actually it’s boxing day.

I’ll start by saying that the panto was fabulous, rather too many children there for my liking but you can’t have everything. The script had enough ‘adult’ content to keep us laughing and enough child centred stuff to keep the whole audience entertained for the two hours. The Shetland Ponies were everything I’d hope they would be and more, completely adorable. I’d been looking forward to it and it far exceeded my expectations.

That and the carol concert in the local pub (always a good idea) got me in the Christmas spirit (only the two glasses)

Christmas day was quiet with just the two of us, a bit of a change from previous years but nevertheless lovely with messages and calls from loved ones.

We woke this morning to beautiful sunshine so simply had to walk to the beach and watch the mad boxing day swimmers. There were hundreds of people, far more than in previous years, swimmers and enthusiastic observers.

I hope you’re having a terrific Christmas and I send you love and very best wishes for the new year.

One thought on “It’s Christmas!!!

  1. Glad you enjoyed the panto. I went to the cattery in the morning, (3 mornings in a row, fabulous time). Wayne came to fuss the cats yesterday too, a kid with a new toy. Heidi came to us yesterday evening and we had our Christmas dinner today, and very good it was too. Chefs Wayne and Heidi. Walked through the wood this afternoon and up past the windmill. A lovely view down to the beach, couldn’t see any swimmers but there usually are some. Glad you are all sorted with the broadband. Going to open some pressies in a while. Love to you both.


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