Pre-Christmas gripe!

Well this has been a long time coming!

We’ve moved house……………….and have had no internet for two months!

The move itself was a nightmare. When we moved out of our previous house we actually had no idea where we were going. The solicitors couldn’t tell us if the purchase of the new place would happen or not …….or even give any indication how the purchase was going. The idea that we might want to move out of one property and straight into another seemed like a completely new concept for them. The quite understandable (to us anyway) worry that we might have to put everything into storage and find a short/longterm interim rental property that could (at very short notice) take us and the two cats was beyond their comprehension! They had no understanding that moving into a rental property would mean that we would have (certainly initially) no internet access and as it turned out no mobile phone signal.

Even though we explained that we had no internet or mobile phone signal they still insisted on sending texts and online messages and got quite shirty when we didn’t immediately respond.

As soon as we heard that our purchase was going to happen we contacted the internet provider to get connected. It’s taken two months and hours on the phone. Hours of being ‘on hold’ whilst listening to tinny sounding carols while someone in a call centre tried to find out what was going on. We must have spoken to every person in the two call centres, one in Darlington and the other in Plymouth, and had four or five case workers who were going to make our case their top priority (only one of whom ever rang back)

However…….yesterday the router arrived and today we have access to the internet.

We’ve spent most of the morning setting up our bits of equipment and everything seems to be working so fingers crossed!

We’re off to see the local panto now, it’s Cinderella and there are going to be Shetland Ponies on stage from the donkey sanctuary…..fabulous, I’m actually a little excited.

3 thoughts on “Pre-Christmas gripe!

  1. So glad you have this sorted at long last. BT once told me my Internet connection would be better if I lived next door. I was fairly restrained when I asked what kind of idiot he was. Hope the panto is enjoyable. Have a good Christmas and a happy new year to you and Phil. Love from us both.xx


    1. Thanks Kay, the problems we’ve had with getting internet connection have been ridiculous and exhausting, now for the compensation! The panto was fab. I’d been looking forward to it but it exceeded all expectations, the Shetland Ponies were adorable. Hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas, I’ve decided that champagne in the afternoon is a really good thing! Happy New Year, we look forward to seeing you when you next visit the Island xx


  2. Champagne any time of day is a good thing.🍾🍾🍾 Make sure you complain bitterly to BT another friend was cut off by them because of a “computer error”, there’s no such thing. She was only off for a couple of weeks but received a nice little sum.

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