The secret garden

If you’ve been following this, and if you haven’t why not? you’ll be aware that we’ve discovered a secret garden through a gate at what we had thought was the end of our garden! It’s all ridiculously over grow and so for the last couple of days I’ve been attacking it with a pair of loppers.

The other day I discovered a planter and after a lot of cutting back of undergrowth and Herculean effort I’ve been able to drag it out. In fact I’ve now found another, smaller one.

They seem to be made of some sort of concrete so nothing particularly special but they’ll look nice all planted up again.

Bit by bit it’s getting cleared, well getting cut down anyway!

It’s all a bit of a surprise!

It’s all a bit of a surprise to us. When we came to view the house we knew that it backed onto a wood. We knew that there was a gate into the wood at the end of the garden though we didn’t go through it because we were told it was jammed. What we didn’t realize was that on the other side of the gate is more garden, a secret garden, one that’s been left and allowed to revert back to the wood it leads into!

Since I was young I’ve wanted a bit of woodland. As a child I loved playing in woods, building hides etc and as I’ve got older have always liked the idea of looking after a bit of woodland. A garden is great but looking after a bit of woodland, clearing the undergrowth etc is something else entirely. Well now I’ve got it and it’s all a bit of a surprise………and quite exciting.

It’s not big, but big enough to be manageable and keep me interestedimg_20161228_1419599_rewind

I’ve spent the last couple of morning’s chopping down branches and trying to clear some of the ivy and brambles.img_20161228_1420102_rewind

There’s a bamboo and some very overgrown bay trees, so it must have been managed at some time.


I’ve also discovered a carved stone trough or planter which looks as if it will take a bit of moving.

So what’s the plan?………..well I’ll start by clearing away the brambles and the dead branches so that I can see exactly what we’ve got. I’ll let some light in and then wait and see what comes up in the spring. It’s all a bit exciting and all the better for being a surprise.



It’s Christmas!!!

Well actually it’s boxing day.

I’ll start by saying that the panto was fabulous, rather too many children there for my liking but you can’t have everything. The script had enough ‘adult’ content to keep us laughing and enough child centred stuff to keep the whole audience entertained for the two hours. The Shetland Ponies were everything I’d hope they would be and more, completely adorable. I’d been looking forward to it and it far exceeded my expectations.

That and the carol concert in the local pub (always a good idea) got me in the Christmas spirit (only the two glasses)

Christmas day was quiet with just the two of us, a bit of a change from previous years but nevertheless lovely with messages and calls from loved ones.

We woke this morning to beautiful sunshine so simply had to walk to the beach and watch the mad boxing day swimmers. There were hundreds of people, far more than in previous years, swimmers and enthusiastic observers.

I hope you’re having a terrific Christmas and I send you love and very best wishes for the new year.

Pre-Christmas gripe!

Well this has been a long time coming!

We’ve moved house……………….and have had no internet for two months!

The move itself was a nightmare. When we moved out of our previous house we actually had no idea where we were going. The solicitors couldn’t tell us if the purchase of the new place would happen or not …….or even give any indication how the purchase was going. The idea that we might want to move out of one property and straight into another seemed like a completely new concept for them. The quite understandable (to us anyway) worry that we might have to put everything into storage and find a short/longterm interim rental property that could (at very short notice) take us and the two cats was beyond their comprehension! They had no understanding that moving into a rental property would mean that we would have (certainly initially) no internet access and as it turned out no mobile phone signal.

Even though we explained that we had no internet or mobile phone signal they still insisted on sending texts and online messages and got quite shirty when we didn’t immediately respond.

As soon as we heard that our purchase was going to happen we contacted the internet provider to get connected. It’s taken two months and hours on the phone. Hours of being ‘on hold’ whilst listening to tinny sounding carols while someone in a call centre tried to find out what was going on. We must have spoken to every person in the two call centres, one in Darlington and the other in Plymouth, and had four or five case workers who were going to make our case their top priority (only one of whom ever rang back)

However…….yesterday the router arrived and today we have access to the internet.

We’ve spent most of the morning setting up our bits of equipment and everything seems to be working so fingers crossed!

We’re off to see the local panto now, it’s Cinderella and there are going to be Shetland Ponies on stage from the donkey sanctuary…..fabulous, I’m actually a little excited.