When Dad went to art college one of the books he was required to purchase was one of anatomy. The idea was that you couldn’t be expected to be able to draw the human body properly without an understanding of the skeleton and muscles……… things have changed!

The recommended anatomy book was expensive so he started college with one he copied from one on the library! 

I’ve always been fascinated by these drawings and have had a couple framed. I came across these old engravings in another anatomy book and couldn’t help reproducing them myself though obviously I had to add a bit of colour. Not to everyone’s taste and I’m fairly sure I’ll never be allowed to hang them on a wall in our house…….

8 thoughts on “Anatomy!

  1. Wow. These are so clever. You obviously inherited your dad’s talent. I quite like the one’s you have reproduced. You need a den so you can hang whatever you like on the walls.


  2. Hi Karl, Thank you for liking my yesterday’s Post on The Mary Rose. I live down the road from you, in Sandown.and am really pleased to find someone of your talent here. I’m now following your blog which is full of fascinating stuff. Love what I’ve read so far which is quite a few of your blogs, and hope to catch up with the others in due time.
    Incidentally, do you really mean to give people the right and opportunity to edit your Home section (or it is About, not sure where I am now)? I’d be careful as not everyone in the blogosphere is upright and honest! I mention this in case you didn’t come out of an Edit at one point. I’ve done that myself.


    1. Looks as though you’ve closed the gap now, good. As you say, instructions are hard to come by but the Helpline (if you put a query on there) is usually good for newbies. They’ve rescued me more than once.
      I recommended your site to fellow Isle of Wight writer/historian, Jan Toms, as I know she’ll love your stuff. Let’s kdep in touch.


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