Dad’s Calligraphy

Whilst sorting through my Dad’s studio I’ve come across some of his calligraphy. Dad worked for a very long time as a calligrapher and illuminator mainly for the House of Lords and for the office of the Archbishop of Canterbury. He produced state documents for many of our countries big occasions from announcing the Queen Mothers passing to the wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer, of Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and only the other year the wedding of Prince William to Katherine Middleton.

Much of his work is buried in archives. A tube containing documents to be worked on would arrive at the house on a Monday morning and then on Friday it would be sent back to London completed…..well that was the idea anyway, it wasn’t always that easy ! Because of this he retained almost none of his work and in fact apart from a piece I asked him to do for my birthday one year I wasn’t expecting to come across anything much. I’d come across some odd bits of practice text but then opened a draw and found these treasures.



I think this is The Prince of Wales arms…..well sorry sir but It’s mine now!

I’ve gathered together some of his equipment, a couple of pens, his agate and ivory tools, some seals and a photo and have displayed them in a glass topped box. IMG_20160616_1000220_rewind_kindlephoto-639482225

I’ve got to work out how to display the rest of the documents now!

2 thoughts on “Dad’s Calligraphy

  1. I would have loved to learn the art of calligraphy, the closest I came was being forced to write italics at primary school, the headmaster wrote in italics and thought the whole school should, we had to buy special pens and had daily lessons. I hated it and as soon as I left primary school went back to writing normally. Your dad’s work is truly a work of art. I saw the box with the tools on your lounge wall last month. Such simple tools to produce beautiful work. You must be very proud.

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  2. What a surprisingly spectacular treasure! Your Dad was not just a Calligrapher, IMHO that’s a true work of a Master Penman, and he was very good at it. Actually with that client list description from your first paragraph I’m certainly sure he was indeed a Master. How I love to get a better view of that letter of Elizabeth The Second, what nice piece of art. Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos.


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