When Dad went to art college one of the books he was required to purchase was one of anatomy. The idea was that you couldn’t be expected to be able to draw the human body properly without an understanding of the skeleton and muscles……… things have changed!

The recommended anatomy book was expensive so he started college with one he copied from one on the library! 

I’ve always been fascinated by these drawings and have had a couple framed. I came across these old engravings in another anatomy book and couldn’t help reproducing them myself though obviously I had to add a bit of colour. Not to everyone’s taste and I’m fairly sure I’ll never be allowed to hang them on a wall in our house…….

Dad’s Calligraphy

Whilst sorting through my Dad’s studio I’ve come across some of his calligraphy. Dad worked for a very long time as a calligrapher and illuminator mainly for the House of Lords and for the office of the Archbishop of Canterbury. He produced state documents for many of our countries big occasions from announcing the Queen Mothers passing to the wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer, of Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and only the other year the wedding of Prince William to Katherine Middleton.

Much of his work is buried in archives. A tube containing documents to be worked on would arrive at the house on a Monday morning and then on Friday it would be sent back to London completed…..well that was the idea anyway, it wasn’t always that easy ! Because of this he retained almost none of his work and in fact apart from a piece I asked him to do for my birthday one year I wasn’t expecting to come across anything much. I’d come across some odd bits of practice text but then opened a draw and found these treasures.



I think this is The Prince of Wales arms…..well sorry sir but It’s mine now!

I’ve gathered together some of his equipment, a couple of pens, his agate and ivory tools, some seals and a photo and have displayed them in a glass topped box. IMG_20160616_1000220_rewind_kindlephoto-639482225

I’ve got to work out how to display the rest of the documents now!

A happy discovery!

After a long wait in the queue at the post office with people complaining that the weather is too hot! I found myself visiting the local charity shop. This piece of fabric caught my eye and has found its way home with me. No, I’ve no idea what I’m going to do with it or where I’m going to put it but at only £2.45 how on earth could I leave it hanging on the rail?IMG_20160606_1724309_rewind

Mills and Boon illustrations

Some years ago we were looking around the stalls in one of the Brighton antique markets and came across a pile of paintings. It turns out that they were original paintings and illustrations for Mills and Boon romance novels from the seventies and eighties. The artist (L Houghton) had died, his wife had put the pictures in the garage and had now decided to get rid of them altogether! There were loads of them and after a good route through them all we ended up buying five……….for six pounds each!

I’ve been told that if I could find out which books they illustrated they could be worth real money but I’m not going to bother looking as they have (and still do) give us endless enjoyment making up various stories and scenarios for the characters. The colours, locations and outfits really sum up the seventies for me……not that I remember the seventies of course! 

I bought this painting from ebay, I’m not sure if it’s by the same artist, the name might be hidden under the mount but it’s fabulous anyway!



Some more drawings. I’m going through the fifth portfolio with most of the A2 size drawings recorded now!


This is Wastwater.


Southport Parish Chuch with what looks like Woolworths in the background so obviously not a recent drawing!


The lovely Wigton.


The chapel of St. Catherine at Lanercost Priory.


The promenade at Silloth.


‘ The Folly’, Settle.


And finally the gateway to Skipton Castle, great fun to draw.