A second set of random drawings!

Here are a second set of random drawings from the pile!







The Keep, Brough Castle


The Clocktower, Brough


Good old Ambleside


The Town Hall, Barrow.in.Furness


The market square, Brouton.in.Furness


The priority church of St.Mary and Bega, St.Bees


St.John’s in the Vale, north end


Dame Birkett’s school, Penrith


The Swan Hotel, Grasmere







Random drawings!

I’m going through some drawings and trying to put them in some sort of order………..I’m failing miserably! I’ve spent the morning trying to work out where some of them were drawn……why oh why weren’t they labelled.

One of my problems is that when I’m drawing I’m interested in that drawing but as soon as its finished it’s put aside and I start the next one. I assume I’ll remember a drawing but I don’t…….and after a few years, well I might remember drawing it but where it was drawn…………

Bit by bit they will be sorted but in the mean time I’m going to post them on my blog randomly.


I knew there were another couple of drawings of Southport! This is Lord Street.


The Bandstand Southport


The High Street in Kendal


Dove Cottage, Grasmere


Brentwood, Ruskin’s house, Coniston


Village Square, Hawkshead


Townend, Troutbeck


St.Kentigern’s Church, Caldbeck


The very lovely Grange-over-Sands


Cockley Beck








A couple more drawings of Kirkby Lonsdale

I knew there were a few more drawings of Kirkby Lonsdale somewhere!

I’m trying to sort drawings out and put them in order but it’s not easy and I’m easily distracted, however I’ve found these, the first one shows The Sun Inn, a lovely place with an excellent restaurant, the second shows the famous Devil’s Bridge, a terrific place to draw.IMG_20160509_1331443_rewind_kindlephoto-385837597



At the top of our little Island is Osborne House. It was designed by Prince Albert as a summer retreat for him and his wife (Queen Victoria) and their large family. As palaces go it’s not particularly big, the whole idea was that the family could lead as normal a life as possible……well as normal as you can when you’ve got umpteen children married into most of the royal families of Europe. When you rule over most of the world and have a line of dignitaries in a constant stream wanting your opinion about everything! ………..anyway they did their best. Obviously they are all long gone and now the plebs have the chance to look around. And jolly nice it is, the location is pretty special, the views spectacular. The gardens are beautifully looked after and so is the once private beach.

If I’m completely honest a few of the items in the house are a bit naff ……….but then it was a family home, full of things they collected, we’re given and made themselves, and that’s the whole point it was a family home. Let’s face it we’ve all got ‘treasures’ in our homes of dubious taste that we keep because they mean something special to us.

The guide’s are pretty special, knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. When we took my parents to look around a few years ago one part of the kitchen wasn’t open for viewing because there weren’t enough guides that day. Mum had wanted to see where all the china was kept, all the dinner services etc and they opened it all up specially for her!

I spent a very happy Autumn drawing the house and gardens, particularly the wonderful walled garden.


Kirkby Lonsdale!

For reasons I’m not going to go into here I had to make the trip from our little Island to my old home town of Kirkby Lonsdale in Cumbria. My sister-in-law and her husband drove me there and we encountered the most horrific weather. Rain and spray so dense that we could barely see the car in front! Torrential rain as we approached Kirkby Lonsdale and our hotel for the night, The Royal. By the time we had booked in and freshened up the rain had stopped and there was even some evening sunshine allowing me the opportunity to show C&A around.

And how lovely the old town looked after all the rain. We stopped for a drink at The Sun Inn and because of a hail shower decided to stay for dinner. Thank goodness for the hail shower otherwise we’d have missed a memorable meal, what a lovely place. Drinks back at The Royal and then a pretty decent nights sleep in rather nice rooms, definitely recommended.



The restaurant on the corner is now rather disappointingly a Chinese takeaway………it’s called progress apparently




Brighton seafront drawings









In 2000 I worked a set of 25 drawings of Brighton seafront from the pier to Kemptown where I lived at the time. Often I’m asked to not include tv and satellite aerials, bins, scaffolding etc however as these drawings were for my own enjoyment I’ve drawn everything as I saw it, warts and all. I have some of these drawings framed and will eventually get them all done and ideally exhibited. Each drawing more or less follows on from the last so I’d love to see them all together…….. a snapshot of Brighton in 2000!

Drawings of Cumbria

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago one of the reasons for setting up this blog was to be able to share some of my drawings…….so here come the next ten. Drawings of Cumbria this time!

They are original pen and ink drawings, A 2 size and for sale, just message me for further details.


Yew Tree Farm near Coniston. This is actually the view of the farm from the road, it’s a fabulous place and must have looked this way for hundreds of years, if you can forget about the constant traffic passing by!

IMG_20160503_1451418_rewind_kindlephoto-58512954Warthwaite Crags, St John’s in The Vale

IMG_20160503_1435040_rewind_kindlephoto-58040323Milnthorpe Church. Milnthorpe is a lovely little village in the ‘South Lakes’ with a fabulous weekly market.


Arnside. Just a few minutes from Milnthorpe is Arnside, one of my favourite places, as a child I spent many happy times playing on the beach and exploring, very Swallow’s and Amazon’s!


The Old Grammar School and Church, Hawkshead. You’re going to see lots of drawings of churches, I’m not religious but as buildings they are good to draw!


And here we go…..another church, this time in Grasmere. It always seems to rain when I go here however it’s worth it for the Grasmere gingerbread that’s made here. It really is terrific and a certain Prince of Wales always stops off here to collect some and say hello (maybe I’m not supposed to mention that little known fact) still if it’s good enough for him !!!



The Smithy, Loweswater. What a delight, and that roof……it’s poetry


The north end of Crummock Water


Ruskin’s Cross in Coniston churchyard, a pretty amazing memorial!