Random drawings!

I’m going through some drawings and trying to put them in some sort of order………..I’m failing miserably! I’ve spent the morning trying to work out where some of them were drawn……why oh why weren’t they labelled.

One of my problems is that when I’m drawing I’m interested in that drawing but as soon as its finished it’s put aside and I start the next one. I assume I’ll remember a drawing but I don’t…….and after a few years, well I might remember drawing it but where it was drawn…………

Bit by bit they will be sorted but in the mean time I’m going to post them on my blog randomly.


I knew there were another couple of drawings of Southport! This is Lord Street.


The Bandstand Southport


The High Street in Kendal


Dove Cottage, Grasmere


Brentwood, Ruskin’s house, Coniston


Village Square, Hawkshead


Townend, Troutbeck


St.Kentigern’s Church, Caldbeck


The very lovely Grange-over-Sands


Cockley Beck








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