At the top of our little Island is Osborne House. It was designed by Prince Albert as a summer retreat for him and his wife (Queen Victoria) and their large family. As palaces go it’s not particularly big, the whole idea was that the family could lead as normal a life as possible……well as normal as you can when you’ve got umpteen children married into most of the royal families of Europe. When you rule over most of the world and have a line of dignitaries in a constant stream wanting your opinion about everything! ………..anyway they did their best. Obviously they are all long gone and now the plebs have the chance to look around. And jolly nice it is, the location is pretty special, the views spectacular. The gardens are beautifully looked after and so is the once private beach.

If I’m completely honest a few of the items in the house are a bit naff ……….but then it was a family home, full of things they collected, we’re given and made themselves, and that’s the whole point it was a family home. Let’s face it we’ve all got ‘treasures’ in our homes of dubious taste that we keep because they mean something special to us.

The guide’s are pretty special, knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. When we took my parents to look around a few years ago one part of the kitchen wasn’t open for viewing because there weren’t enough guides that day. Mum had wanted to see where all the china was kept, all the dinner services etc and they opened it all up specially for her!

I spent a very happy Autumn drawing the house and gardens, particularly the wonderful walled garden.


3 thoughts on “Osborne

  1. Dear Karl, I assume that these are your drawings and they are pretty spectacular.

    Edward VII offloaded the house onto the British public as none of his siblings wished to live there and handing over the upkeep to the nation was the cheapest option! I enjoyed working there fora few yous, aAn interesting place..


    1. Hello, yes they are my drawings. It is a wonderful place. I’ve heard lots of lovely stories from people who have worked there in the past, it seems to have been a happy place, although there is a rather long passage that a nurse who worked there during the war always ran along at night because there was reported to be a ghost!
      I’m impressed that each time I visit there seems to new places to explore as more restoration is completed


  2. I didnt realise there were six pictures and can’t believe I only have four of them. We love it at Osbourne. Yes there are a few naff items in the house, but you haven’t seen what we have. I was particularly impressed with the Dunbar room. All that intricate carving. I spent ages in there taking in the craftsmanship of the walls, loved the gold sitting room, the kitchen, where we heard a child asking where they kept the microwave. Kids. The gardens are superb, it was the first time I had seen a cork tree. The walk to and from the beach, the Swiss cottage. Whats not to like? A must visit when on the Island. We had a lovely piece of cake in the beach tearoom too.

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