Brighton seafront drawings









In 2000 I worked a set of 25 drawings of Brighton seafront from the pier to Kemptown where I lived at the time. Often I’m asked to not include tv and satellite aerials, bins, scaffolding etc however as these drawings were for my own enjoyment I’ve drawn everything as I saw it, warts and all. I have some of these drawings framed and will eventually get them all done and ideally exhibited. Each drawing more or less follows on from the last so I’d love to see them all together…….. a snapshot of Brighton in 2000!

3 thoughts on “Brighton seafront drawings

  1. Aha. That word. Exhibit. I for one would love to see an exhibition of your work. When we go out and about and see some of the things that pass for art I am astounded, especially when you see the price tags. Your pictures are amazing and should be shown off. I’ll be first in the queue to get in.


      1. Hi Karl I bought one of your paintings, Churchyard, Kirkby Lonsdale in 1985, a pen and ink detailed drawing, have enjoyed it for 30 years, are you the artist, if so would like to contact, cheers Julian Bruere


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