The Yarmouth Lymington ferry

My pen and ink drawing of the ferry leaving Yarmouth.


I’ve never rated Yarmouth, partly because we’ve had two of the worst meals since arriving on the Island there, rubbish food at ludicrously high prices.

However after spending the day drawing the ferry and discovering Off The Rails ( maybe my opinion has changed. The Old railway station has been very successfully converted into a little eating place whilst retaining the feel of a station, with lovely views over the wetlands. You can sit inside or at tables on the platform and watch the wildlife, they even rent out bikes so you can explore the area.


Off The Rails, definitely worth a visit!


Steephill Cove drawings.

Part of the reason I set up this blog was to share some of my artwork. I used to have a website but I could never find the time to keep updating it….or frankly, muster up the enthusiasm to do it! It was suggested to me that a blog was ‘the future’ and so much easier….. well here goes…….some of my drawings of Steephill Cove, one of my favourite places on the Isle of Wight. It’s only accessible by foot, and all the better for it!

They are pen and ink drawings and perhaps lose some detail in the photos….but you get the idea!