Make your own Victorian House!

A couple of weeks ago a group of us went for a meal, one of our number suggested that we should all go back to his house to finish the evening off with a brandy.

On one of his shelves amongst lots of treasures I spotted something that I recognized but had forgotten all about, a faded paper model of a Victorian house. It was a model that I’d made with my Dad years and years ago (obviously not the  actual one we had made)

I think that Dad must have bought it as he particularly liked that sort of thing (pop-up books, paper engineering) and we spent a some very happy hours making the model which sat on a shelf in my bedroom for many years.

I had to have it again and so with the help of Amazon a copy of the book arrived today!

Make your own Victorian House by Rosemary Lowndes and Claude Kailer (all you need is a pair of scissors and glue) It looks as exciting as it did all those years ago and brings back happy memories, I’m itching to start making it again!






I’ll put photos on to show it finished!

3 thoughts on “Make your own Victorian House!

  1. Oh wow. I had something similar, though not so grand and it came in weekly installments, my nan used to have it ordered for me. It was a nineteen twenties three storey house complete with maids and a cook and an old fashioned range in the kitchen. I remember cutting out a gramophone and having to be so careful with the scissors. There was a set of railings that Uncle Alb cut out with a knife. The two ladies had bobbed hairstyles, one dark the other blonde. I have no idea what happened to it and cannot remember what it was called. Seeing this brought back memories. Have fun putting it together and I look forward to seeing the pics of the finished article.

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    1. It would be great to find model,have you tried? I couldn’t remember what mine was called, I had thought it was Edwardian rather than Victorian and tried all sorts of combinations of titles until the one I was after was suggested…….good old Amazon (and it’s only cost me 60pence plus p&p!)


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