Interior Decoration a to z !

It’s cold, misty and very windy on The Island today……and I’m not going out!

On days like this I like to visit my bookshelves and pull out a book that catches my eye. I was trained in three dimensional design- interior design and the history of art and have shelves of art and design books. Many could be described as being coffee table books, some profess to be educational!

Some of my favourite are the old ones and one of these is Interior Decoration a to z, an American book from 1965.

I love some of these older American books because design wise anything goes. In Europe we were often restricted by our history and traditions where as the Americans simply did what they wanted……sometimes to great effect……. and sometimes not!

In the 1950s there was a revolution in colour in America, conservatism and caution went down the drain. They felt a freedom to use strong colours, a true red, an intense blue, an undiluted yellow. There was built in furniture taking on an architectural flavour, large patterns with pattern on pattern, pop art next to antiques!

Mad, bad and a little scary but ultimately (sometimes) fabulous.


I love these pictures….particularly the painting in the left hand photo that seems to have been cut to follow the ceiling line!


The idea of the fabric stool is very contemporary, three floor cushions strapped together….I’d buy it!



I’m not quite sure what Mondrian would have made of that kitchen wall, note the wicker chairs and the ‘cut down’ metal garden table.


Now that is red!!


All photographed on my purple, blue and black Welsh blanket, a design classic then as now, thanks Mum, a good buy.

One thought on “Interior Decoration a to z !

  1. Love some if the rooms. Particularly the red room. We live in an old cottage, so a lot of these would not look right and having small windows we need light colours to avoid having the light on all day. Would love to have the nerve to be really daring though. I like these old books, I was particularly taken with the stove in the kitchen. Nice review Karl.

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