5 thoughts on “Shanklin Revetment This Morning

  1. These pictures only make me want to be there. I love Shanklin, it has something for everybody. I know I’ve been laughed at for my early morning walks, but to be on the beach watching the gulls following the tractor raking the sand, the joggers and early morning doggy walkers and the esplanade waking up is quite something. Then back for a shower and a scrummy breakfast. I particularly like the picture of you both in shadow and the view of the cliff beyond Sandown, Culver Down? Keep it up, am loving it.


  2. You make me feel a right wuss though. I get these ideas while lying in bed early in the morning, listening to the Today programme, then I get up, make a pot of coffee, wake up properly, and am grabbed by the newspaper. I never seem to get down there when I should, early morning. Come afternoon I’m feeling more like a walk and, wouldn’t ou know it, the sky darkens, the rain splatters, and I get wet and start worrying about the camera.Loved your photos by the way. Obviously, we live close to each other.


    1. Hi there. I have to admit that I’m not normally up and about particularly early but the sunshine seemed just too good to miss, we’ve had so little of it lately. We must live pretty close…..its a small world!

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